Anasept Antimicrobial Skin Wound Gel Review

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The Anasept Antimicrobial Skin Wound Gel is widely used in hospitals and Doctor’s clinic. Some people believe this is a prescription gel, but surprisingly it is not. You can easily purchase it online or at any pharmacy store. But, does this product really work? Is there any substance behind its popularity? Let’s find out.

The Anasept is an anti-microbial and antiseptic scar treatment gel manufactured by Anacapa Technologies, a market leader in the field of antiseptic wound care products. The manufacturer claims that the product works for both new wounds and old scars.

This product is a safe topical hydrogel which contains a wide range of bactericidal including antibiotic resistant strains (MRSA and VRE). It also contains sodium hypochlorite which lends virucidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal properties to the product.

This is a completely pure, transparent, non-cytotoxic, isotonic, and sticky hydrogel that must be applied daily for best results. It has a shelf-life of two years when stored at room temperature.

Several clinical tests and trials have proved that the Anasept Antimicrobial Skin Wound Gel can effectively reduce the wound bio-burden levels and also speed up the rate of healing. The product works for mild and small cuts to severe infected wounds. It can be used to heal scars or wounds resulting from surgical incisions, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, cuts and abrasions.

This gel is widely used by the health care professionals and also recommended by physicians. For best results, you must apply the gel daily on the wound as indicated. First, cleanse the affected area with a suitable antiseptic cleanser. Then, apply a generous amount of the gel and allow it to dry. Re-apply the gel for a second time if necessary.

The gel gets easily absorbed into the skin. However, just like any other gel, this has a thinner consistency so you should be careful when pressing the tube. If you press too hard, a lot of gel will be squeezed out and you can’t put it back.

Studies have shown that you will notice visible results within a few weeks of using this gel on fresh wounds. If it causes irritation (which is rare), discontinue the use and immediately contact your physician if necessary.

Features of the Anasept Antimicrobial Skin Wound Gel


  • Weighs 6.4 ounces
  • Broad spectrum bactericidal
  • Doctor recommended
  • FDA cleared
  • Safe and non-cytotoxic
  • Diminishes bio-burden levels


  • The gel promotes a quicker rate of healing, so your wound cures faster
  • Gentle and mild, safe to apply on open wounds
  • Soothes burns and cuts, relives skin inflammation
  • Works like a powerful antiseptic to kill bacteria spores and viruses on wounds
  • Easy to use and works as expected
  • Gel is transparent and almost odorless
  • It stays on the wound for long and creates a protective covering over it


  • It has a sticky feel
  • Expensive than competitor products
  • The tube may have a lot of air inside
  • Hard to clean off as it sticks to the wound


The Anasept Antimicrobial Wound Gel is a non-cytotoxic and clear amorphous hydrogel that comes with antimicrobial properties. It is effective in killing and preventing the growth of bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses on the wound. It can also be used on open wounds. This gel is widely used in hospitals and clinics to treat wounds and aid in quick recovery.

The gel is transparent and soothing. Apply the product as directed by the physician for effective results. It costs more than competitor products but it can save you from going to the clinic for multiple dressings. If you apply this gel regularly, it helps in healing the wound faster.

The product is for external use only and it should be kept away from the reach of children. Avoid contact with eye and in case it accidently gets into the eyes wash with water and contact your physician if the irritation persists.


We compared the Anasept Antimicrobial Wound Gel with competitor products like Premium First Aid Healing Ointment. We found that the gel-in-review has been in the market for much longer, hence it has earned its reputation over the years. While competitor products claim to offer similar benefits, they have not been so widely used or tested like Anasept. For this reason, we feel Anasept stands above the rest!


The Anasept Antimicrobial Wound Gel is all that you can expect from a good and effective wound healer. It is easy to apply, gentle on the skin and reduces inflammation.

It can be used on open wounds too, which is something you will not find with every wound treatment product. It is a powerful antiseptic which fights and prevents the formation of bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses.

Although the Anasept gel is slightly more expensive than competitor products available in the market, we feel the ease of use and quick results completely justify the price. Overall, we feel this is a type of product that should find its place in every house’s first aid box.

Totally recommended!

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