How to Eliminate Scars: 3 Methods Which are a Must in Scar Reduction

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A question that everyone will inevitably ask themselves at some point in their lives is “Will this scar ever heal or go away?”. The simple answer to this age-old question is a resounding “Yes”!

But the problem lies wherein one follows up with another question: “How long will it take to heal?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple and presents multiple variables such as genetics, diet, and lifestyle. Hence, there really isn’t a clear cut answer that applies to everyone.

While genetics is something that we personally don’t have any control over, the remaining two variables are factors that we can work with. We need to deal with them in order to create a better environment for our bodies to fully heal. Hopefully, we can get rid of those pesky scars.

Let’s start with our diet or nutritional intake. According to an article published by Gerry K. Schwalfenberg, he concludes that alkali rich foods definitely have a strong outcome on our bodies’ basic ability to heal and preserve tissue.

Alkali rich foods have been proven to protect bone density and muscle mass. Other benefits are lowered risk for hypertension and stroke. Regenerative tissue also sees a slight boost in bodies with a 7.4 pH level or higher.

Best Ways to Keep Our Bodies’ pH Level Alkaline

Here are some pointers.

  • Avoid acidic foods such grains, sugar, dairy products, fish, processed foods, fresh meats, and high protein foods and supplements
  • Increase intake of soy products, beans, lentils, fresh vegetables, and whole grains, and monounsaturated fats such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds.

Although it is not mandatory to strictly adhere to this diet, any attempt at keeping our bodies’ pH levels alkaline instead of acidic should be a huge benefit in helping our cells regenerate at an accelerated pace. Hence, this will reduce the total time required for scar tissue to eventually fade away.

The second variable to improving appearance of scar tissue is making the appropriate changes in our lifestyles. Smokers undoubtedly have proven to exhibit a hampered rate of regenerating skin cells. So if you’re a smoker and have scars that you want to get rid of, quitting is a great way of ensuring your body recovers as quickly as possible.

Another common problem for many is insufficient water intake. Without proper hydration, the conditions for scar tissue to form and linger are aggravated. It makes cell regeneration an even longer and more tedious process for the body. So, making sure that our bodies are well hydrated by in taking sufficient water is a definite must.

So here we’ve already tackled the proper steps that are needed to prime our bodies for healing of scars, but what can we do about the specific scar tissue in question? Moisturizers are a great solution for preventing the formation of scars, and helping existing scar tissue heal or fade away.

One of the more effective and popular solutions we’ve discovered is Keeva Organics Tea Tree Oil Acne Serum, which has proven to be an effective option for those who have surgical scars, scars left from open wounds, and even keloid scars which have been the toughest of scars to eliminate fully.

The way the serum works is that it boosts the growth of your skin cells while also promoting collagen growth, ensuring that not only are the scars visibly reduced or eliminated but the underlying skin is healthy and uniform with the rest of your body.

Scar Removal Gel by Pureauty Naturals is also an effective alternative for treating unwanted scars, both new and old. It uses natural ingredients and has found to be equally as effective in treating not only surgical scars but also scars from acne, burns, cuts, and stretch marks.

Although these are just a few of the options available for hands-on treatment of scars, the basic principle of scar reduction or elimination is by keeping your body healthy and hydrated in order to promote skin cell regeneration. Doing this followed by a proper skin care regimen should help cut the time required for any scar to heal by a mere fraction of its original time. Make sure you maintain continuity in the process, and you would have a smooth skin.

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