SmoothRx Fierce Stretch Mark + Scar Cream Review

SmoothRx Fierce Stretch Mark + Scar Cream Review

Pregnancy is great but stretch marks are not. Teenage is wonderful but acne scars are not. So, if you are tired of unsightly stretch marks or acne scars making you feel low in confidence, it’s time to try a scar treatment cream. There are so many different types of scar gels, serums and creams available in the market that it can be really tough to make a choice.

If you have been thinking about buying the SmoothRx Fierce Stretch Mark + Scar Cream but are unsure about it then here our honest review to help you make a decision.

This scar treatment cream is an innovative formula created by SmoothRx. It contains high grade, natural ingredients carefully selected to offer maximum benefits. The manufacturer claims that this product works really fast to reduce the appearance of both new and old scars. It also shows results on keloid and prevents its formation.

The cream works by intensively moisturizing and healing the skin to reveal a healthy and glowing complexion. This scar removal therapy is designed to work for all skin types and it has been clinically tested to show visible results on different phases of scars.

Unlike other aggressive treatments, it doesn’t make your skin feel sticky or greasy with the residue.  Instead it gets readily absorbed into the skin and heals it from within to give you a well hydrated, smooth and flawless complexion.

What we really like about the product is that it is made of organic and natural ingredients such as aloe leaf juice, shea butter, organic olive oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, mango butter,grapefruit seed extract rose hip seed oil, andorange oil.

This product uses a three step treatment phase – moisturizing, healing, and prevention.

In the moisturization stage, the combined effect of cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera leaf juice helps in soothing the inflammation and makes the skin soft. The mango butter heals from within and reduces the reddish color of stretch marks. Organic olive oil also works to effectively break up the scar tissues and hydrate the skin. It not only helps in reducing the marks but also improves the quality of skin.

Ingredients like orange oil, grapefruit extracts, and rosehip seed oilscreate an invisible protective covering over the affected area. This antioxidant shield prevents the formation of future scars and stretch marks!

Features of the SmoothRx Fierce Stretch Mark + Scar Cream

  • Measures 3 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weighs 4.8 ounces
  • Contains safe and natural ingredients
  • Free from chemicals
  • Soothing and non-irritant formula
  • Made in USA
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Reduce the appearance of old and new scars
  • Helps you regain your confidence
  • Heals from within and restores your skin’s luster
  • Moisturizes, heals and prevents future formation of scars/ stretch marks
  • Improves skin flexibility to give you a flawless complexion
  • Skin feels softer and smoother after application
  • Gets absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue
  • Repairs scar tissues with ease and creates a protective shield
  • It has a citrus smell which feels refreshing


  • It doesn’t deliver same results for everyone
  • Some people may not like the citrus smell


The SmoothRx Fierce scar and stretch marks cream is a hydrating formula made of organic and natural ingredients. The combined effect of the powerful ingredients moisturizes the skin, repairs the damaged tissues and prevents future formation of scars. The cream gets easily absorbed by the skin and works from within to soothe the inflamed skin, reduce redness of stretch marks and improve skin quality. It not only reduces the marks but helps in completely removing them in the long run.


We compared this product with SievaStretch Marks & Scars Cream and found that it contains more effective ingredients than the competitor product. Although the cream-in-review is slightly expensive than Sieva, we think the number of powerful ingredients used in the formula completely justify the price. We also like the quick absorption quality and smooth feeling of the SmoothRx cream that makes your skin feel soft instantly after application.

Do check out our main buying guide here for other scar remover creams options.


The SmoothRx Fierce cream is free from chemicals which automatically places this product in a safe zone. It contains organic and natural ingredients that are known to heal and repair the skin from within. While it takes some time to show a visible difference on the scars, you can feel your skin feel softer and smoother immediately after application.

We also like the fact that this product doesn’t just heal the scar and stretch marks but also prevents further formation. It creates a kind of protective shield on the skin to prevent scars or stretch marks from appearing. Hence, this is a good product for those in their later stages of pregnancy.

Applying the cream everyday can significantly minimize the chances of getting stretch marks. Overall, we feel this product delivers good results and it’s completely worth the price you pay for it.

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